Technically, it’s our 12th but we decided to postpone it for another month. That date is meaningful to both of us. I went to see The Girl in her hometown since she’s studying now. Even thought it was a short time, I had a wonderful time. We started the day by going to Church then food trip, then visiting her high school, and food trip again. I really miss being with her. IMGP2867

Thank you for everything! I never thought that life could be this fun. I’ll be looking forward to more adventures with you! I love you my Lablab!

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Movie 93: Annie Hall

Synopsis in one sentence:

It’s a story of a man who wants to find the reason why his relationship didn’t work.

What I think?

I like it, but not as much as I would have wanted to. There was so many cultural references that I was not able to get. I guess it’s because this was filmed in the 70’s and I was not yet born. I like the film and how it broke the 4th wall.

Next Attraction?
Apocalypse Now

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The Girl and I have been together for 11 months and this was the first time that we’ve been apart. This so hard for the both of us. We had to be extra strong and extra patient since we wont be able to see each other for a long time. Nevertheless, our love for each other has grown more and more in each passing day that we’re not together. So no photos and im unable to give her gifts anymore. 😦 I will make it up to her when we see each other. This was the best 11 months of my life so far and I still feel like we just started yesterday. I still get excited and all. Happy 11 monthsary to The Girl. I love you and thank you for everything!


And yes, this is how we see each other nowadays.



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Doodle and FLAMES

She said that she made some doodle of my name and to be honest i was really touched. Nobody has ever done that to me. So I asked her to send it to me and I asked her to do something called FLAMES. FLAMES is sort of a game where you write you and your partner’s name and some magic happens and it will reveal where your relationship is heading. Yeah kinda elementary, but what the heck. So she did and she sent me the results. I was not disappointed! Yay!



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The Land of Promise II: Day 2

I woke up well rested and was ready for another long day of fun ahead. We took a bath, ate light breakfast and then went on our way to the city. We walked to the highway and on the way was their church. She told me before that she really liked this church very much and would like to be married there someday. I do agree, it’s a nice church.
DSCF2232 IMGP0321 IMGP0324

After a couple of photos, we went our way. We reached the highway and rode a jeep to the city. It was about 15-20 minute travel. We went into the mall, bought a couple of stuff, then went to some hardware and bought a water hose. It was almost noon, so naturaly, we were hungry. We proceed to search for a nice place to eat. A co-worker suggested this place near St. Michael’s Cathedral. He said that they cooked killer liempo and lechon manok. We found the place in seconds, as it was near where we got off.


We ordered their lechon manok since it was more than enough for the both of us and I would just try their liempo when I return. There was a combo of half lechon manok and liempo but I was not able to see it. The chicken was really good! It didn’t disappoint. It was more delicious because I was eating it with The Girl.

After our lunch, we headed home. I was more than excited to see the city again and as usual, The Girl was telling stories of her childhood in the city. I really love it when she does that. 🙂

On the way, I bought a mango because it looked really tasty, and it was. 😀

We arrived at their house and rest for a while. We were planning to go to a pool resort nearby with her cousins and her sister in the afternoon. While they rest, I looked around the house and photograph stuff randomly.

There were a lot of rocks near their house.IMGP0374 IMGP0375

Septic tank was built so that they can put a CR inside the house. Before that, they were using an outhouse.IMGP0376 IMGP0377 IMGP0383

And of course, a selfie.IMGP0384

After a couple of hours rest, we then went to their cousin’s house. And there I met this cute little guy, whom The Girl talked about and I only saw in pictures.

A short while after, we went to the pool resort. We had a great time eating, chatting, and swimming.  The resort was really nice. The water was really cold.

There was an ostrich farm and some animals in this resort, but I’ll have to visit them next time since we ran out of time. Also, the next day would be another long day.

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The Land Of Promise 2: Day 1

So The Girl has left for Mindanao(Iligan) for good, to pursue her studies. Long story short, she wants to be come a CPA and she needs a 2 year refresher of sort. When she left, she couldn’t bring all her stuff with her, so I volunteered to take them to her a week after she left.

I left for Mindanao on morning of June 3, 2014 via an airplane.

I arrived at the new Laguindingan Airport, about 1 hour bus ride from Iligan. So I The Girl met me at the airport and we rode a shuttle bus to Iligan. Iligan was really nice! The Girl had told me everything about it and it was better when we actually saw what she was telling me all those time. I saw her old school, the place she used to hang out with, the places where she ate, everything! We were starving when we arrived at Iligan city so we ate at a local Jolibee store inside a mall.
IMGP0192 IMGP0188

We then tour around the city, by tour I mean ride a tricycle to get to their market to buy some fish. She then told me everything about the place and where she usually go.


By today’s standard, a selfie is required. Not really. But what the hell.

IMGP0193 IMGP0194 IMGP0197

With eyes wide and shining, she explained to me everything that she can remember about the place. We arrived at the market, and bought some fish. She then take me to a place where her family used to eat during his father’s payday.
IMGP0205 IMGP0204 IMGP0200It was said, that you are not a true Iliganon if you haven’t eaten halanghalang. It was delicious! I like and would like to try it again when I get back.

We then rode a jeep to their house, which was more or less 20 mins ride. The place was nice, it had a lot of trees. The girl kept on bragging that the water from their place was really good, and it was. I really like the water, it was better than most I’ve drank. They left this house to live in Zamboanga since they have a land there, check out my previous post. I was there. =)
IMGP0208 DSCF2196 DSCF2195 DSCF2193 DSCF2196

Her family was there as well to help her clean the house. They made a new restroom inside and other stuff. Spoke to her dad again who taught me more spiritually.

She then showed me the places where she used to hang out as a kid. Although it was not the same as when she was a child, Mimbalot Falls was as nice as she can remember. For me, I was amazed! It was my first time seeing a falls! The place around it was developed(on going) and I think it would be a nice place once it’s done. 🙂

It had a pool, zipline, swing, tree house, garden, and a whole lot more! It wasn’t finish yet and it had all those stuff, I cant wait to see when they finish developing this place.

On the way home, she saw some flowers and asked the owner what are they. The lady kindly gave her some flowers. People in these parts are kind. 🙂
IMGP0301 IMGP0302

She then contacted her friend, whom I met in Cebu, and we went to her place. On the way, we saw the infamous river where she took a bath almost every day. She gets spanked by her parents though but that doesn’t stop her from swimming there. She would make excuses like, asking her friend to push her into the river and tell her parents that her friend pushed her that’s why she got wet, and some other lame excuses which didn’t work since some of her classmate will tell on her. She said that she specifically love it when it rains since she will have an excuse to take a bath. When she told me that story, I started to wonder what kind of river would make her bathe there regularly. Then, I saw it.
IMGP0307It may not show because of the reflection but this river was crystal clear! It was really clear. I too would have been tempted to jump if it was this clear. She said that it was way better when she was a child, there were no plastic bags and other stuff. Still, it was still nice to finally see this river in her stories. 🙂

We then found her friend, she’s having her toe nails done. After that, The Girl asked for some plants(yep, she really likes plants and plans to have her own garden), so we went to her house and got some plants.
IMGP0312 IMGP0313

After a little chitchat, we went home and called it a day. We need to rest since we had a long day tomorrow.


And by rest, I mean checking facebook and stuff.

My first day in Iligan was really nice and I had a feeling that time that this Mindanao trip would be legen-wait for it-dary! ;D

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Today, The Girl and I are on our 10th month together. Well, by together I meant that we’ve been in a relationship, because right now, we are not together, physically. But our relationship transcends the physical. We have a deeper connection that surpasses any physical bonds. Although we are apart, our love for each other has not faltered in the slightest. It became stronger.

Thank you for always being there for me! I love you and I hope to see you soon!


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CYMA Greek Taverna

Opa! Wait wait wait, let me stop you there. I know what you’re thinking.


Heeeeey, sexy lady..

And that ain’t it! The word OPA! is used in Greek culture to express a feeling of joy, high spirits and happiness. So, stop singing that outdated song! 😀


The Girl will be leaving Cebu to pursue her studies in Mindanao. So before we live separately(literally) we decided to go to as many restaurants, that we havent tried before, as we can.



I was searching the internet a few days ago and I found this:

They’re called, lowl cats.

Hahahahahahahahahah oh hahahahahahaha! Whew, almost died there laughing. Apparently, cats are the “Kings of the Internet.”


Anyhoo, after I stopped wasting my time on that pesky site, I checked some unique resto in Cebu. I think this is the only Greek restaurant in this part of the country, but I could be wrong. I’m really intrigue with Mediterranean cuisine. I’ve tried Italian cuisine, but never had Greek. So we went to the place. Besides, I love my My Big Fat Greek Wedding and that should account for something.

When we got there, the place was ok, it was kind of unusual for me to see this kind of kitchen:

There were no glass or anything, but it wasn’t distracting. It was kinda cool. 🙂

We browse through their menu, and I have no idea what most of them are. There’s chicken, pork, beef and lamb, and that’s it, that’s all I could recognize. I find it very interesting.

So, we did a little game of “choose the ones with weird names” when we ordered. It was hard, they all had weird names. While waiting for our orders, the staff offered to take our photos:
DSCF1718 DSCF1717DSCF1719

Our orders arrived one by one after 5-10 minutes.

First up, Tzatziki Mezze. It means bread something on white something veggies with olive on top. It was… uhm quite the vegetarian dish. 🙂

DSCF1723 DSCF1724


Next up, Olives and Feta Mezze. Well, we learned something, I’m not a fan of Olives. The toasted garlic bread, however, were great.DSCF1725 DSCF1726


This Chicken Souvlaki, was good. The chicken and veggie combination was great.



This one is Moussaka Mezze. I’m not really sure what’s in this dish, but I could taste egg, eggplant, and beef. I like it, The Girl, not so much.



We ordered a couple of their homemade iced tea, which was delicious, and started eating.DSCF1734 DSCF1735



The food here was good. It was a good experience. The customer service, however, was outstanding. I almost didn’t need to raise my hand if I need something, except for getting the wifi PW and getting the bill. Their servers are really observant. When we arrived, he asked if we need cold water since it was scorching hot outside. Asked if we would lake to have our pics taken. Giving us extra chair for our bags and stuff. If my glass of water was nearly empty, he would come to the table and asked if I would like to have some more. It was wonderful. It’s worth more than their 10% service charge.

Next time we’re here, we’ll order their meat dish. I wanna try their lamb and seafood dishes.


As we exit the restaurant, I suddenly felt the urge to eat something cold and sweet. So we went to Dessert Factory and ordered their Sundae. It was good, specially this summer season.
DSCF1738 DSCF1745



Yep, that was some good sundae

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There are 2 things that we love to do with their mouths: Talking and Eating. This place has nailed it. For foreign readers, “chika” in our country loosely means chatting. I’ve been to this place many times before but this was the first time I had to review it. This is one of the most well known Filipino restaurants in Cebu.

I was with The Girl at a mall when something usual happened; I got hungry. For some reason, we are intertwined by an unseen force, that she felt it as well. So we searched for a place where we’ve never been to as a couple. There were a lot of choices but we didn’t really want to gamble on new taste at that time since we were so hungry. As luck would have it, this place was nearby and we decided to dine in.

It was a Tuesday afternoon so there was virtually no customers except us. We ordered some traditional Filipino dishes from their menu.

Orders usually takes 15-20 minutes. So we waited for a bit.


and waited…


and waited


and waited


and waited


and waited


And after 10-15 minutes, our food arrived.


We ordered a plate of baked scallops. This was good but the best one I had was from AAs.


This Chicken Tinola was descent. I mean you can never go wrong on a traditional tinola. Although The Girl said that the flavor was lacking, I find it ok.

The Lechon Kawali is really tasty! I hate to admit it but the fatty bits mixed with the sweet and spicy sauce, was the bomb! Not really for the weak of heart, literally.DSCF1657

The Chicken Gizzard was good, specially with the sweet and spicy sauce.DSCF1659

Traditional Filipino is not complete without rice. Yum, all those calories! (I’ve been watching my calorie intake recently.)


We also ordered iced tea for our drinks. Nothing fancy or “special” brew(whatever that means), just regular ones.

Chika-an has been known to serve good food. Although this isn’t the best branch, but it’s good. If you just want to eat food that’s been proven and tested, this is the place. There are many good Filipino resto out there and this one is definitely one of the best.


After our “lunchinner”, we had this little convo for the verdict.


So, was it good?




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With that said, we are on our 9th month! I think the 9th month is important. It takes 9 months for an unborn child to become a full pledge human! With that analogy, our relationship might be born into a new level, cut the umbilical cord of the past and grow up to become a big, healthier relationship! Or at least that’s where I think it would go. Anyhoo, I got The Girl an arm pillow and cell phone holder for our 9th. She really likes to sleep in the office I mean she just gets a little sleepy sometimes so I decided to buy her that arm pillow. She, most of the time, lost track of her cellphone, so I bought her a hello kitty-esq cellphone holder.



I decided to buy that arm pillow because that design is from the character of a movie she likes.

She likes hello kitty so I bought something that looked like, or tried to look like, hello kitty.
I wanted to do a naruto reference but someone beat me to it. >.<

Nein literally means “no” in German but it sounds like 9! It’s being used a lot on the internet to mock Germans, well, a specific german. But it has been used all over the internet. Please look at exhibit A.

Exhibit A

But that has nothing to do with me or The Girl, I just find weirdly funny. =D

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