A Bug’s Life


“You’re gonna hear me ro, o, o, o, o, o, o, ar.”

This is not related to that popular Pixar(?) movie of the same title. This is the title of my new photography project! It has been known that The Girl loves nature very much. She likes to take photos of tiny creatures and plants. I also like to shoot macro and since I have the camera(my old camera needs a macro lens to shoot macro and they are expensive!) that shoots macro and inspired by The Girl’s determination to look for tiny creatures, I decided to start this project. I admit, she’s better at finding little creatures than me, so I would let her look for bugs then I shoot(unfair? Yep, quite a bit.hahaha.). All the while I train to be better at spotting these tiny creatures. You can help me by naming them(I will give you credit for it =D), I don’t know their names. I was planning on posting them to a website that lets the other user identify an animal/plant.

Here are some photos for the new project.

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4 Responses to A Bug’s Life

  1. ceejayalyssa says:

    awesome shots! i’m so jealous. you’re just starting nature photography but you’re already so good at it.

  2. taphian says:

    really nice gallery, I did something similar time ago

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