Day 305: Trick or Treat!

3062 things comes to my mind when speaking of Halloween; Trick or Treat and The Simpsons Halloween Special. This is my goddaughter trick or treating. In the US, this has been popular ever since I can remember. Unfortunately in my childhood, we never had this event. Probably most people in our country is not familiar with this and has only seen this in films like E.T(I’ve seen this the first time when I watch E.T.). Nowadays, however, this is pretty common. People in subdivisions organize Halloween parties. I’ve always wanted to photograph kids trick or treating, so when my friend asked, I did not hesitate one bit.  Happy Halloween everyone!

Thank you Albert and Rizi for the opportunity and well done on the pumpkin dress! Kudos to tita Roxanne and friends for the pumpkin headdress! Thank you to The Girl Who Likes To Wear A Pumpkin Headdress for the support. =)

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One Response to Day 305: Trick or Treat!

  1. alyssa says:

    congrats mommy! nice costume 🙂

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