Day 91: Luna


I took this photo early in the morning. The moon was shining brightly that time and I just have to take a photo of it. I sort of understand why people throughout history watched at the night sky and wrote poems on how pretty the moon is, because, it really is.

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2 Responses to Day 91: Luna

  1. what sort of lens/set up did you use? I cannot come anywhere near this type of shot. Beautifully captured.

    • Thanks! For this shot, I used a 50-200mm lens. Shot this in Aperture priority at 200mm, f8, ISO 100 at 12megapixels RAW. If possible, use a tripod because this was 100% crop and if you don’t use a tripod and self timer/IR shutter remote(unless you have a really steady hands), the photo would show motion blur at this magnification. Post processed in lightroom, nothing fancy, just blacks, clarify, contrast and sharpness. I played around with the settings in manul before getting this shot but it’s better with Aperture priority. So yeah, that’s basically it. =D

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