Day 59: Red Lips

58Not too long ago, I stumble upon a photo like this. I wanted to mimic it. But looking for someone who would do this pose for me was a challenge in itself. I really had a hard time looking for someone who’s willing to do this. I wasn’t even looking for someone who would do this, when I took a photo of a friend. When I examined her photo closely, I realize that she had the lips I was looking for! I immediately asked her to do this, and a little “sales talk” later, she agreed. Took several shots of her and eventually got the photo I wanted. This turned out way better than the one I tried to mimic(well, at least it looked better to me..hahaha!) and I’m very satisfied with shot. I can sleep soundly tonight. =D


Special thanks to my friend Mariane.


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2 Responses to Day 59: Red Lips

  1. I totally understand the ‘sleep soundly’ comment. When you get it you’ve got it and you know.

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