Day 55: Liquid Bread

55I’ve been a fan of this magical liquid ever since, uh, for legal purposes, I cant say when but I still love this magical liquid. This wonderful, wonderful cold one, libation, brewskie, oat soda, cerveza, barley pop, puke fuel, boredom-be-gone, loudmouth soup, real man’s Zima, Homer Juice, keg guts, pre-pee, weed’s best friend, rocketsauce, mother, varsity Shirley Temple, time travel in a bottle, suds, soldier, Gutterade, barley legal, bitter batter, liquid bread, silly seltzer, brew dog, giggle water, liquid courage, pre-spiked punch, bubbly muscles, hard O’Douls, social lubricant, icanbeatithome, secret ingredient X, tummy buster, brain hammer, elbow benders, daddy’s milk, redneck wine, 12 oz. curl, antidote, hello-goodbye, potent potable, chugger’s delight, liquid wrecking ball, hops scotch, un-water, or you can just call it beer. And yes, I’m not drunk… earlier.

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2 Responses to Day 55: Liquid Bread

  1. great list…Gutterade, bubbly muscles…ha

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