Day 38: Light Hearts


I have always wanted to this one. I was just playing with some cut out of hearts and put them in front of my lens. Saw this from a photo tutorial before, and the effects you can make are just limited to your imagination. Heck, I could do other shapes there but since it’s the love month, I decided to put some butts. Just kidding, hearts of course! According to some sources, however, they depict the shape of a female buttocks… that could be very well it. My company just recently hung some heart shaped, red cardboard in the ceiling, and all I can imagine are… it’s not important what I imagine, what’s important is that it represents love and Sir Mix-A-Lot.

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4 Responses to Day 38: Light Hearts

  1. Ausaf Abidi says:

    Love this effect. I too have done it on 50mm f1.8, but the results weren’t this good. What lens did you use?

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