Day 8: Like A Boss


If you are “promdi”** this would not be an unusual sight, but this is the first time I saw this in the city. Isn’t this illegal? To make matters worst, he is riding a government vehicle. But look at the smug on his face, it’s telling you “what are you gonna do about this?” Quite ballsy if you ask me.

Government Truck: $4,000
Fine if he gets caught: $35
Illegally riding around the city in a government vehicle like a boss: Priceless

There a things that money cant buy, but for everything else there’s, err, your Local Government Unit?

**Promdi =  people who grew up in the province. “From the province.” From the, “promdi” in heavy accent. Yeah, I know, we Filipinos are weird sometimes…maybe more. hahaha

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3 Responses to Day 8: Like A Boss

  1. aldrinray28 says:

    Haha! nice! so you’re from Cebu? 🙂

  2. yourstruly says:

    i used to do this in college 🙂

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